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Diamond–Brite: Colored Ceramic Quartz

A highly innovative addition to the palette of surface options has been the use of special colored ceramic aggregate products. These aggregates are basically a very specialized form of ceramic-coated sand that comes in a variety of pre-mixed plaster products. Our recommended quartz product is Diamond-brite by SGM products.

Life Expectancy and Warranty: Diamond-brite has a life expectancy of 7-9 years and carries a 3 year warranty.

Strengths: When combined with white or colored plaster, aggregates afford a broad range of colors, from vivid blues and reds, to more subtle hues such as beige or soft greens as well. It also has the advantage of creating a much more durable surface than standard plaster, and one that is harder and far more resistant to fluctuating chemical conditions.

Concerns: Surfaces using aggregates are more expensive than standard plaster and can also be susceptible to some surface problems, especially in the presence of extreme water chemistry conditions.

Diamond Brite Quartz
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