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River Rok: Exposed Aggregate

Perhaps the ultimate answer to all pool surface concerns comes in the form of pebble surfaces. Pebble surfaces consist of small, smooth river pebbles embedded throughout the applied product. Over the past decade, pebble surfaces have increased dramatically in popularity and come in a broad range of colors and color combinations. Our recommended exposed aggregate product is River Rok by SGM products.

Life Expectancy and Warranty: River Rok has a life expectancy of 8-10 years and carries a 5 year warranty.

Strengths: Pebble surfaces are beautiful, extremely natural in appearance, come in a wide range of colors and they are the most durable surface available. Because the stone material that comprises river pebbles is “chemically inert", it is unlikely to react with swimming pool or spa water and is therefore less impervious to attack or alterations in appearance.

Concerns: Because the surface is comprised of pebbles, it is slightly more textured than the surfaces described above. Exposed aggregate surfaces are, again, more costly and under the most extreme chemical conditions, even pebble surfaces can suffer damage.

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